I had a packed out Easter Bank Holiday class who loved every minute of our interval training session, so I thought I’d share the workout with you!

I used 90-60-30 Volume 2 with a simple but effective set of exercises, as follows:

90- Cardio
60- Resistance
30- Core

10 Minute Functional Warm Up

1st Block 
90- Skipping
60- Barbell Squat Press
30- Floor Sprints

2nd Block 
90- Mummy Kicks
60- Sumo Squats to High Pull
30- Jack Plank

3rd Block
90- High Knee Sprints
60- Deep Barbell Squats
30- Burpees

4th Block (Old Skool Abs!)
90- Sit Up
60- Cycles
30-Double Leg Press

Not a bad way of burning off a bit of excess Easter Egg!

If you try this or adapt it with your classes, let me know how it went by sharing with us on the Pure Energy Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram accounts!


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Jay Banks

Jay specialises in small group training, personal training and group exercise training programmes. He's a Pure Energy Select Presenter and International Fitness Personal Trainer of the Year 2016/ 2017

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