There’s no doubt about it, British summer time is in full force, it’s arguably the hottest summer on record for decades!

This summer has not only brought us sunshine in abundance, but also a humid close atmosphere coupled with it, making the thought of getting hotter, stickier, and sweatier in your exercise classes un-appealing to your clients.

What’s more, the media is telling everyone to ‘stay out of the sun’, therefore people are taking it literally and thinking they need to turn into Count Dracula.

According to weather experts the summer of 2018 is just the start of things to come. With global warming taking its effect, they are expecting that British summer times to be getting increasingly hotter as the years pass by.

So now is the time to get a game plan in action! Start finding solutions rather than problems and excuses.

Just how do we keep our classes full during the hot summer months?


The amount of clients asking me, ‘should I be exercising in this heat’ is amazing lately.

The heat may be 30+ degrees, but this doesn’t give us the right to sack off exercise and head for the beer gardens.

Many people in much hotter countries than England manage to exercise despite the heat.

Clients need to be educated in the art of adaptation. Educating your clients to adapt their training to the climate is the best way to retain your class numbers.


Educating the clients to adapt their own routines and training schedules is one thing, but you also need to be able to adapt as an instructor to the climate.

What’s more this can be achieved through very simple methods:

  1. Request that the air conditioning (if you have it!) be put on an hour prior to the class, to ensure a cooler room upon arrival for the clients.
  2. Ensure all clients are well equipped with towels/tissue to wipe away their sweat.
  3. Schedule regular hydration breaks during the class, every 10-20 mins.
  4. Bring some spare bottles of water just incase anyone forgets (this also makes you look good as an instructor)
  5. Schedule more summer themed classes into the timetable. Extra Clubbercise, Zumba, and Aqua classes will help your clients to feel the summer vibes. Maybe even start a Hot Yoga class!

Use your facility to your advantage

Ironically most gyms, studios, and leisure facilities are actually cooler places to be in. With air conditioning, water fountains, and swimming pools galore, your clients will certainly stand more chance of regulating your body temperature.

Therefore you should use this to your advantage and ensure that you market such assets on social media.

Play summer anthems

Music is always an important factor when motivating classes, not to mention when trying to motivate clients in adverse weather conditions.

Using summer themed playlists will help keep spirits high and maintain those summer vibes.

Check out the range of summer releases from Pure Energy Music to inject the energy into your classes!

What are your tips for keeping your classes full for the summer months? Share your ideas with us on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram!




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