Many people are under the assumption that January will be the busiest time of year for the fitness industry as it’s the ultimate antidote to the post festive binges and the new year’s resolutions kick in.

The common misconception about the fitness industry in January is that it will boom from the start of the month. However this is usually not the case, as late January and the month of February actually often end up being the busier periods.

Why is this?

Despite the media health hype and new years resolutions, early January still tends to present barriers to exercise for the general public.

The return to normal routine often doesn’t follow until mid-late January with factors such as children’s holidays, finances, and tempting leftover chocolates and wine still being present at the start of the month.

It has often been known that February is the busier month of the year and not January for some facilities!

Are you prepared for it?

New year’s clients don’t always come at us in a nice manageable linear way, in fact they often hit us like a tornado and WE need to be ready for it!

We may have had some time off over the festive period and relaxed our strict training schedules, however we can’t be returning to January feeling lethargic and in need of motivation ourselves! We must lead by example, we are the instructors and we need to be well rested and full of energy to tackle the new year and new challenges ahead. Therefore we need to ensure we take care of ourselves regardless of the time of year so that we can give the clients the best product possible!

The new year should also give us motivation to offer our clients something new! New goals to work towards, new choreography, new music, a new type of class. As the instructor you should be thinking of creative ways to make the new year NEW for the clients, as well as how you can improve as an instructor from last year.

Prepare for the next slump!

Unfortunately the boom of the new year is usually followed by the Easter slump within a matter of months. Therefore it is important to keep momentum and have a plan in place before the next slump occurs. Expect the unexpected and never fail to prepare for the next inevitable industry cycle!  

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