Music selection for group exercise doesn’t just revolve around the discipline of exercise you are teaching. Another factor that should always be taken into consideration is your audience demographic. Age, gender, ethnicity, and social backgrounds, can all play a part in how your audience responds to your playlist.

As you are never 100% sure of who will attend on the day, it is your job to select music that appeals to wider audiences.

Niaomi’s top tips for pleasing all demographics:

  • Keep it familiar!

Even though you may have a few 20 somethings in your class, this doesn’t mean to say that they aren’t familiar with some of the greatest hits of the 60’s,70’s, & 80’s! As many of these classic hits will have featured in films, adverts, and even modern day chart remixes!

Using recognisable classic tracks enables those who fall outside of the main class demographic to at least familiarise themselves with the tracks, and maybe even sing a long. Whereas choosing niche tracks that are only familiar to those who fall within a particular demographic, won’t please the wider audiences.  

  • Think about the artists

Certain artists and bands over the years have managed to hit all generations, demographics, and even multiple nations. Using such artists tracks in your playlist is a good way to hit your wider audiences. Example artists being: Elvis, Michael Jackson, Bee Gees, Beatles, ABBA, Queen, Bon Jovi, Whitney Houston, Tina Turner, Diana Ross, and Madonna.

  • Theme the week

The problem with creating a good playlist, is that your clients may only respond to it 2-3 times before they start getting bored of listening to the same music.

Therefore I recommend theming the playlist and rotating it by the week. For example, your month could look like this:

Week 1: Disco themed playlist

Week 2: Movies themed playlist

Week 3: Decades themed playlist

Week 4: Soul and Motown themed playlist

This sort of structure creates curiosity amongst the clients as to which songs will feature within each theme, as well as allowing you to determine what sort of music works for your demographics. What’s more, it will ultimately make your music last longer!

  • Use remixes!

Admittedly some of the classic hits over the decades in their original form are not suitable for group exercise settings. However reputable companies such as Pure Energy Music, have taken such hits and legally remixed them specifically for group exercise.

Quality remixes are a good way of keeping the tracks upbeat enough for ETM, whilst engaging mixed demographics with familiar tracks.

Finally ….Head to Pure Energy Music!

Pure Energy is a reputable source of legally mixed music tailored to the fitness industry. With a wealth of albums to suit all demographics.

My top 5 recommended crowd pleasing Pure Energy albums are:

  1. At The Movies 
  2. We Love POP
  3. Rock & Roll Dance Party
  4. Mixtape Volume 1
  5. Back to School



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Niaomi Sadler

Niaomi works full-time at Pure Energy as an Events and Administration Assistant. Outside of Pure Energy she works as a freelance group exercise instructor and personal trainer, as well as running her own business.

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