In the current climate, we’re all keen to manage our budgets the best we can, and although there are times when only original artist, singalong tracks will do for your classes, it’s good to have an alternative option for if you want to bring your music licensing costs down.

The Pure Energy Probeats range is completely licence free, meaning you don’t need to have a PPL or PRS licence to play them in your sessions.

This range of 10 albums covers all fitness disciplines and BPM ranges, from a constant 134 BPM on Volumes 1 and 8, to a fast paced 150 BPM on Volume 7, a rising 130-140 BPM on Volume 10 and a calming 90 BPM on Volume 3. The selection even includes 3 HiiT albums with timed intervals and vocal commands to help you structure your sessions.

The jewel in the crown of the Probeats range is Volume 3: Mind Body, which features heavily in Rachel Holmes’ Fitness Pilates workouts. 

Track 3 ‘New Horizon’ has become renowned among Rachel’s followers for its chilled melody and gentle ‘sunshine’ lyric which can bring a warm midsummer glow to the chilliest of days!

You can listen to previews of every album by clicking on the speaker button next to each track on the Pure Energy website.

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Our Throwback Thursday specialist... Helen has worked at Pure Energy for over 15 years, and has been involved with the company for even longer than that, so her photographic memory comes in handy when we're casting our minds back to days gone by!

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