Many gym/studio managers don’t see gym background music as a priority, nor do they spend a great deal of time selecting it.

However having worked on gym floor for a number of years, I can confirm that the main complaint the clients would make was about the music!

This begs a question as to why music isn’t more of a priority within the industry, as the benefits to the members are priceless? Not only does music aid athletic performance by up to 15% but it also puts clients psychologically in a better mood!

Members pay their membership and expect a standard of service for their money. Background music is as much of a part of their membership as the equipment, changing rooms, water fountain, and sessions being delivered.

Nevertheless if the background music isn’t up to scratch then gyms will probably find members bringing in their own forms of entertainment via smart phones and personal devices.

This can have negative consequences for a centre’s business such as:

  • Value for clients. Musical devices and music cost money. Failure to provide top quality music will result in clients having to pay extra for their music, therefore devaluing the quality of their membership.
  • Social exclusion: For the less tech savvy clients, the idea of bringing in their own music may not be practical. If a gym isn’t providing quality background music, they are essentially excluding them from gym floor entertainment.  
  • Safety and practicality: Having headphones in is not always the safest or most practical way to exercise. Particularly if you are performing exercises that require freedom of movement such as bodyweight exercises. Not only does this become awkward for a client but it can also result in headphones flying across the gym #healthandsafety
  • Lack of client interaction and PT sales: Having been a PT on gym floor, I know the main two things that get asked of you are client interaction & sales. However if all your members have headphones in, a barrier to sales & interaction arises.
  • Less social interaction: Although you want the main focus of a gym membership to be about members achieving results, this is not the first priority for all members, as some go more for the social interaction than the actual exercise. Having a culture of people with their headphones in will lead to a lack of social interaction between members on the gym floor. A social community is a more retainable one…

Think your background music is just fine? Ask yourself the following questions:

  • Are you catering for your audience? If you know that your older clients are coming in a morning, and younger people after 5pm when work has finished, play music that you know will suit their preferences.
  • Can you predict which song is going to play next? As a PT spending a lot of time on gym floor, I would be able to predict which song was coming next due to the fact I had heard the playlist that many times. Sometimes even the customers could predict the next song too! This is a tell tale sign that you are due a new playlist/ album.
  • How often do you review the music? Ideally you should be looking at reviewing the music every 3 months, to avoid members getting bored of repeats!
  • Have you ever actually asked your members what they think of the music? Remember they are the customers, their opinion is the most important! So ask them!

Sourcing music that is suitable for a gym environment isn’t always easy. You need to ensure its explicit free, well mixed, and most of all, legal!

Pure Energy is Europe’s leading supplier of music solutions to the fitness industry.

Offering an exclusive Corporate discount scheme to gyms and studios, our music range includes original artist, PPL free, and fully licence free options, as well as bespoke mixes.

All Pure Energy’s content is produced in house by expert music producers, who specifically mix music to cater for exercise.

This music is bound to get your clients motivated for exercise as well as entertaining them throughout their workouts.

Our dedicated team can advise you on everything from music selection to music licensing, and ensure that your budget requirements are met.  

Check out our corporate brochure here.

Or get in contact at or call 01709 710022. We look forward to hearing from you!


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Niaomi works full-time at Pure Energy as an Events and Administration Assistant. Outside of Pure Energy she works as a freelance group exercise instructor and personal trainer, as well as running her own business.

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