Pure Energy Presenter Alistair McMeechan gives us a run down of his favourite Pure Energy releases!

Ceri-Hannan presents 90’s Dance Piano House

WOW!! What a release!! Full to the brim of classic dance anthems such as “Sweet Harmony”, “Caught In The Middle” & “Where Love Lives”, Ceri has cherry picked the absolute BEST tracks from this fabulous decade and increased the BPMs for an added energy boost!! I have heard this mix being used at many fitness conventions since its release a few years ago and every time I use it in my classes and hear it at events the atmosphere is just electric!!  Everyone is singing along, smiling with their hands in the air having the time of their life!! The uplifting and euphoric tunes just keep on coming!! If there is ONE CD that should definitely be in your collection – THIS…IS…IT!!!

Rachel Holmes presents Can’t Shake The Feeling

They certainly don’t make songs like this anymore – more’s the pity!!  I was a massive fan of anything that came out of “The Hit Factory” studios when I was a kid and I am proud to say that I still am now!!  The genius songwriting talents of “Stock, Aitken & Waterman” and well deservedly celebrated in this fantastic tribute mix presented by the delightful Rachel Holmes. Picking favourite tracks from this is impossible as I love them all just as much as each other!!  It may be a complete cheese fest but this release will have you singing along and smiling from start to finish!!

Get The Party Started

I absolutely LOVE this release!! CD 1 is great with loads of hits and remixes from the 90’s and now, including a fabulous updated remix of “Push The Feeling On” as the finale.  However, for me, CD 1 gets the party started and CD 2 IS The Party!!  Jam packed full of funky cover versions and bangin’ remixes of all your favourite hits from the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s such as “Daddy Cool”, “Club Tropicana” and “Self Control” you won’t want this party to end once it’s got started!!

At The Movies

I love concept/themed mixes and this one is no exception. Stuart Harrop and I teach at the same club in Manchester and I participated in his class when this CD was first released.  He used CD 1 and more-or-less played “Name That Film” with his class – it was great fun!!  Personally, I prefer CD 2 as it is a bit faster and has more of my favourite tunes on it such as “Fame”, “Jai Ho” and “Disco Inferno”.  Plus, I was intrigued to hear (and now absolutely LOVE) the way “Together In Electric Dreams” mixes into “Born Slippy” at the end of the mix for a truly bangin’ finale!!  Two tunes I would NEVER have thought to mix together BUT they totally work and the result is fantastically euphoric!!  A brilliant release to have in your collection!!

Decades Volume 1

My favourite decade of music is without doubt, the 90’s.  However, there are so many great tunes from the 70’s, 80’s, 00’s and today too and this glorious CD (and series) features hits from all the eras so there is definitely something for everyone on this CD!! I love both of the mixes but my favourite is CD 1 with tracks such as “Feel It”, “I’m Alive vs Boogie Wonderland” and “Burning vs Judas”. In fact, I love the mashup of “Burning vs Judas” that much I usually play it twice in my classes using it as the finale!!  If you’re looking for a good all round party CD – look no further!!


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