In the midst of a lively 2018, we have blinked and October is upon us! Which can only mean two things; dark nights are approaching, and Halloween is around the corner!

Imagine my excitement when I discovered that Pure Energy HQ have released a Halloween themed exercise album called ‘Scareobics’!

As this time of year approaches, you will often find clients focusing more on childcare, organising parties, and shopping for outfits than attending fitness classes. Therefore it becomes more important than ever to give your classes a fresh feel and a unique edge in order to retain your numbers.

A great way to achieve this is by theming your classes based on the holiday taking place at the time. This way people don’t feel that they are missing out on the celebrations by being at an exercise class.

Halloween itself is one of the easiest holidays to theme your exercise classes around, with the opportunity to get clients to dress up, play halloween themed fitness games, and get families involved. Scareobics now adds the musical element needed to distract the brain from the intensity of the workout.

What’s more, those of you that teach the more dance based exercise classes, will have a great time incorporating the music video choreography with your own to create the ultimate Halloween themed exercise party! With songs such as; ‘Thriller’, ‘Time Warp’, ‘Marry The Night’, and the finale of ‘Everybody’ by Backstreet Boys, even the best dad dancers will be able to keep up!

As well as being Pure Energy Music’s first Halloween themed album, Scareobics is featured in two different BPM formats; one rising, and one constant. They are available on both CD and Download, however stock is limited of the CD so call Pure Energy on 01709 710022 to reserve yours now!!

Click here to view the rising BPM version and click here to view the constant BPM version of the album!

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