The Pure Energy Essential Hits range has always been hugely popular as it combines the biggest hits of the year with expert mixing to tailor it for exercise.

With it only being released twice annually, this makes it the most highly anticipated release of the year.

The first edition of 2018 has now arrived and is available to purchase on the Pure Energy Music website! Here’s what I thought when I listened.

When I first clapped eyes upon the CD, I immediately recognised 99% of the tacklisting. With the Essential Hits range always being modern music, this didn’t surprise me. However I was surprised upon listening to both mixes at just how different the sides are.

Disc 1 has a constant BPM of 135, with the first 5 tracks being of a fairly mellow sounding nature. From track 6 ‘Wolves’ by Selena Gomez X Marshmello, the energy of the album immediately boosts into a more vibrant track listing, making the first 5 tracks fantastic for your warm up, and track 6 onwards ideal for the main session.

Track 7 ‘This is Me’ by Keala Settle & The Greatest Showman Ensemble, left me sceptical when I first saw it on the track listing. Admittedly I love this song in its original form, however I wasn’t convinced that it would work as a high energy exercise track. Wow was I wrong!! The remix our production team has chosen has actually made it by far and away my favourite track on the entire album and near unrecognisable from the original version!

Furthermore, I really enjoyed track 11 ‘Mi Gente’ by J.Balvin & Willy William featuring Beyonce. The repetitive nature of the chorus makes this track ideal for isometric/ballistic exercises as the instrumentals almost count you in and out of the work phase.  

Overall, side one is perfect to use in classes where you are maintaining a continual level of intensity throughout the duration, for example Aqua, Aerobics, Resistance training classes, & Step.

Disc 2 is slightly quicker, with a climbing BPM of 135-142 and a much more pumping tracklisting from the very beginning.

One of the first things I noticed about this side was just how good the production is! The way the songs flow so smoothly and quickly make this side perfect to maintain high energy for the duration of your class.

Some of my favourite tracks on this side include; Lullaby by Sigala & Paloma Faith, Finesse by Bruno Mars feat. Cardi B, and Tip Toe by Jason Derulo.

Due to the speedy pumping nature of the Disc 2’s track listing, it is more suited for higher intensity & varied interval style classes. Examples being: Spin, HiiT, Body Conditioning, Box Fit, & Circuits.

It’s safe to say that the first edition of Essential Hits 2018 has certainly not failed to deliver fulfilling music to those who love up to date content!

Also with the two sides varying so much in BPM and overall feel, you ultimately get two for the price of one in what you can use the album for in your disciplines!

Buy it now on CD and Download here.

If you need an extra fix of up to date tunes, check out our ‘Nu Music Playlist’ 



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Niaomi Sadler

Niaomi works full-time at Pure Energy as an Events and Administration Assistant. Outside of Pure Energy she works as a freelance group exercise instructor and personal trainer, as well as running her own business.

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