After the success of my previous releases on Pure Energy with Gina King, “Keeping Freestyle Fabulous” and the “Step To The Future” Series, Richard Lee asked me to compile a track list for a “thumpin’ Hi-NRG” release.  Given my selection of tracks from my previous releases had all been fun, uplifting, energetic (some may even say camp!!), Richard thought I would be the ideal presenter to come up with such a track list for this release.

I was honoured he had asked me and I excitedly got to work straight away as the Hi-NRG genre is one of my favourites!!

I instantly had the idea of doing a concept album.  CD 1 would be an “Originals” mix – 20 original classic Hi-NRG tracks at a slower bpm of 130-140 to be able to be used for step, kettle bells and body conditioning classes.  On the flip side, CD 2 would be “Remixes” – 20 remixed tracks, some from CD 1 with others from additional cover artists and DJs for a fantastic re-energised hour of Hi-NRG mayhem pitched at a higher bpm of 135-145 for more intense classes such as hi/lo, combat, HiiT, circuits and spinning.

I had such a great time compiling this album as while I love the original classic tracks from the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s, some of the remixes are just as good (if not better in some cases!)  To be able to compile these all onto one album and share my favourite tracks from this fabulous, fun and flamboyant genre has been so much fun!!

My personal favourites from CD 1 are “Do You Wanna Funk”, “The Locomotion” and “Never Can Say Goodbye” with favourites from CD 2 being “I Am What I Am”, “I Feel Love” and “You Spin Me Round”.

I have already received brilliant, positive feedback from instructors and participants alike for this release and would love to know what your favourite tracks are too.

Feel free to drop me a message at or connect with me on Facebook at “Ali and Gina Presents“.

You can also check out my shop and events page on my website at where you can book on to my 4 date tour with Gina King “KEEPING FREESTYLE FABULOUS TOUR 2018” where I’ll be using “Hi-NRG Xplosion” as the soundtrack to my sessions too!!

I hope you enjoy the release as much as I have had making it and I look forward to seeing you on a dance/studio floor soon!!


Alistair xxx

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