Both Jay and I have taught our versions of The I.T Workout many times, we also use these interval formats in our own training.
We chose the name because I.T stands for interval training but we also wanted participants & instructors to feel part of our ‘IT’ squad when using it. Being part of the ‘ IT’ squad means everyone is welcome, no one is excluded, we train hard but we train together!
Our music choices are exactly ‘our type of music’ Jay loves training to aggressive hardcore music that makes him train harder and feel motivated to get his workout complete, where as I have always been an old skool garage girl! With a hint of club classics!!!
One of the tracks in my warm up ‘Fade’ was actually the first dance at our wedding so this song means so much to us.
Each track on my set has a special memory to me, spending time with friends, going out clubbing, or when Jay and I used to travel a lot in the car and we always had garage tunes on, singing our hearts out (badly!) as we went!
Jay has included his brilliant Hurricane workout on his side which he’s taught and presented now for a good couple of years – these sessions always get great feedback because they are hard but achievable and the participants feel euphoric afterwards! He’s also included his MMA format which has the bells instead of buzzers when the exercise changes, like it would in a real MMA fight.
My intervals are set how I love to train myself taking you through a full body approach – cardio pyramid to really get the body warm, followed by a tough leg session – however you could do any exercises to these intervals, then upper body 5 min rounds and I love spending 1 minute on each exercise so there’s no rush and we can focus on technique followed by an abdominal finisher!!!
We are so proud of this CD – so much thought and energy has gone into it and we hope you love it too!!!
Kelly & Jay xx
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