Having first set eyes upon this album, I was both excited and curious.

Music can make or break a film and be of utmost importance to its success. With so much fantastic music being featured in blockbuster movies, I was curious as to which songs had been selected for the tracklistings, and how I would use them in a fitness setting.

The idea of bringing out a fitness album based solely around songs featured in blockbuster movies was ingenious from our production team. It allows people from all walks of life and age ranges to familiarise themselves with songs from films they have most likely seen.

In terms of a fitness setting, the tracklisting creates a perfect upbeat and feel good atmosphere, therefore both distracting and motivating the clients.

Side 1 has a climbing BPM of 125-135, and hits the ground running with its opening track ‘Eye of the Tiger’ by Survivor. It then goes on to feature some of the all time greatest hits from the movies, including; Hot Stuff, Boogie Nights, Ghostbusters, Grease, and Dolly Parton’s 9-5!!

Side 2 is slightly quicker, with a climbing BPM of 128-140 and features classic artists such as; Neil Diamond, Duran Duran, Jamiroquai, Starship, and Elton John.

With a good mixture of modern and older artists, the album works very well in classes with mixed age ranges such as; Aqua, LBT, Step, Dance, and Aerobics. As it engages and entertains a range of audiences.

Overall I would certainly recommend investing in this album for your class, as you just cannot go wrong with the ultimate crowd pleaser!!

Browse the full tracklist, preview audio clips and purchase it on CD or download here on the Pure Energy website.

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Niaomi Sadler

Niaomi works full-time at Pure Energy as an Events and Administration Assistant. Outside of Pure Energy she works as a freelance group exercise instructor and personal trainer, as well as running her own business.

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