We are once again so excited to be announcing our second release with Pure Energy – Double Trouble 2 is coming out in May and we can’t wait!

We have had a good listen to the album/ test mixes and Pure Energy have done a fantastic job of the production, we’re really looking forward to sharing it with our classes and clients.

Double Trouble went down a storm last year in our classes and at Fitness events, we had lots of feedback about the tracks but we think Double Trouble 2 is going to be even bigger; with the same dance feel as the first release but more of a mixture of genres in music so it’s suitable for everyone and great to listen too.

Our idea was to have some of our favourite songs from the past and mix them with up to date modern tracks, for example: Sean Mendes ‘There’s Nothing Holding Me Back’ into Galantis ‘ Love On Me’ mixing into Tom Jones ‘ Sex Bomb’ – such a vast range of songs but the Pure Energy Production Team have worked their magic and made it flow seamlessly, it works so well!

The constant BPM on the first mix will be great for Dance / Aerobics and Step Classes.

The second mix consists of tracks such as Rhianna ‘Who’s That Chick’, Flo Rida ‘ I Don’t Like It I Love It’ and Sigala ‘Give Me Your Love’ – all awesome tunes! This mix has a more up to date dance vibe with a rising BPM but we think the CD will be great for classes such as Spin and Step.

We can’t wait to share the album with you all!

Sending Twin Love from Chloe and Francesca! xx

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