This week we’re throwing right back to late 90s to remind ourselves of the awesome BODYMAX series!

BODYMAX (this is how we branded it, my keyboard isn’t stuck on caps lock…) was an innovative variable resistance dumbbell workout, created by the Pure Energy team and delivered by YMCAfit.

BODYMAX sessions comprised of a workout to music using resistance dumbbells with simple, no fuss choreography designed to offer maximum gains in strength and endurance and was developed by Pure Energy Presenters Jane Wake and Dean Hodgkin and championed by the rest of the elite team.

But what about the music? The cassettes were all structured in the same way to fit with the BODYMAX choreography, with side one having a decreasing BPM from around 128 down to 121, and side two taking on a slower, constant pace of 110 BPM. The track selection focused on strong, ‘underground’ tracks to complement the feel of the workout, including artists such as Faithless, House of Pain, Jamiroquai, Groove Armada, De La Soul and Coolio, to name but a few!

Let’s take a look at the full tracklist from BODYMAX 2, I’m sure you’ll agree it contains some banging tracks that would still be relevant in today’s classes!

Side 1

  1. Republica – Ready To Go
  2. Propeller Heads – Spy Break
  3. Slacker – Scarred
  4. Moby – James Bond Theme
  5. Wildchild  – Renegade Master
  6. Charlatans – Nine Acre Dust
  7. E.T.A. – Casual Sub
  8. Sol Brothers – Elvis Track
  9. Monkey Mafia – Work Mi Body
  10.  Freestylers – Feel The Panic
  11. Ruffneck – Everybody Be Somebody
  12. Mighty Dub Katz – Work It

Side 2

  1. Chemical Brothers – Leave Home
  2. Prodigy – Voo Doo People
  3. Cash Money & Marvellous – Mighty Hard Rocker
  4. De La Soul  – Say No Go
  5. Wrecks ‘n’ Effect – Rump Shaker
  6. Prince & the NPG – Gett Off
  7. Run DMC – Walk This Way
  8. St Etienne – Filthy Monkey
  9. Cypress Hill – Insane In The Brain
  10. Neneh Cherry – Money Love
  11. Blue Boy – Remember Me

Let’s end this trip down memory lane with this classic 90s track which featured on BODYMAX 4, Gangster Trippin’ by the one and only Fat Boy Slim!

If you’re craving some retro tunes after this 90s throwback session, take a look at ‘The Evolution of Dance ’86 to ’93’ by Rachel Holmes for a real blast from the past!


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