Being a successful Personal Trainer and Fitness Instructor doesn’t just involve delivering great sessions. It also involves a degree of client care.

Going the extra mile for clients will enable both the retention and accumulation of clients through word of mouth referrals.

Now this doesn’t mean we have to be constantly in contact with clients to the point where we have no lives of our own, however small gestures that cost us very little time can go a long way towards our clients satisfaction.

Confirming sessions

A simple text to say ‘are we still on for tonight?’ is sometimes all that is needed in order to install faith in the client that you are up for the session and ready to go.

Asking how they are

Before you even start your session, you need to ask your clients how they are doing. Spark a conversation, make sure they are ok and in a good place to start the session. Being too business like with client’s can give the impression that we are cold and uncaring.

Always have spare parts!

Small necessities such as water bottles and sweat towels are often things that clients forget to bring with them, however can make a big difference to the comfort of their workout. Therefore coming prepared with spares to hand them shows your organisation and commitment to them as a client and how seriously you are taking the session as a professional.

Remember what they tell you

Clients tell us a lot during a session, not just about exercise and how they are feeling but also about their personal lives. As a Personal Trainer you are responsible to listen to what they are telling you as this may give you an indicator as to their barriers and motivations towards exercise, therefore helping you to understand them more as people and build rapport.

Recovery Aftercare

Although the main purpose of a PT session may be to push the client to perform their best workout possible. It is also important that we advise our clients on rest, recovery, and aftercare. Whether it be giving them a list of stretches, showing them how to foam roll, or simply advising their recovery/rest days. Recovery and client aftercare is a very good way to show clients that you are trying to help them meet their goals through all principles of training. As well as giving you the opportunity to show off that extra knowledge of recovery!


Getting feedback from clients is vital towards showing client care! To not take on board a client’s opinion is a school boy error as they are the one paying for the session! Each and every session should require client feedback, what they liked and disliked about the session. How hard they found it, and if they feel they are making progress. This can be verbal or written, however it is a great way of showing that you value your clients opinion and are striving to give them the best product possible.

Check up on them!

Part of delivering a successful exercise programme to a client isn’t just about the work they put in with you, but it is also about the work they are doing when they are not with you. If they are following your guidelines, making those solo trips to the gym, and most importantly listening! Are they managing in between sessions by themselves? Are they following your guidelines? This does one of two things: Lets them know you care and lets them know that you aren’t going to let them get away with anything!

Follow up text

This may sound like an eye rolling task. However you probably won’t realise just how far a text message after a session saying ‘Hi, how are you feeling today’ will go in the way to making a client feel valued. As well as adding value to the product you are delivering!

Give them something back

Clients give us a lot of time and custom, as well as being a walking talking marketing tool for our business. Therefore we should look after them and sometimes give them something back! Something to say that we value them as people not just customers. Gestures such as birthday/Christmas cards can really make a caring statement.



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